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Nossas Marcas

A leading brand in the cleaning cloth segment. Alklin's main differentials are the design and the practicality to meet the needs of the consumers in the day-to-day of the house.

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Alkin Home is focused on premium home appliances. Bringing differentiated products with touch of decoration to home environments.

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Pet category, a segment that is growing worldwide, has a complete line in Schwanke with the brand Alklin Pet. Products designed for the comfort of pets and the practicality of those who take care of them.

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Alklin Pro brings cleaning solutions for professional use aimed at the industrial, hotel, hospital and malls segment.

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Autoklin is present in the automotive universe with the best choice of products for car cleaning and maintenance. They are products developed with technology to give the best treatment to the vehicle, both in internal and external cleaning.

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Brilhex is part of the Schwanke Industrial brand portfolio and has its product line aimed at domestic cleaning, where practicality, quality and cleaning power are essential.

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